Nursing Homes Spokane, WA

What to Know about Meal Times

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Just like in your own home, meal time at a nursing home should be an enjoyable and tasty experience. Many factors go into creating just the right meal for so many residents. Nursing homes in Spokane are well equipped to meet the diverse needs of their residents.

When you go on a tour of a nursing home, ask to sample a meal. If its lunch or dinner time, you might want to ask if you can eat in the dinning room with them. This will give you a first-hand experience of what it is like. The food should arrive hot, and ready to eat. It should look appealing and taste good.

Take note of how quickly the residents receive their meals. Everyone should be severed at the same time. Residents who need assistance with their meals should have a staff member sitting with them. If they are waiting, their food should be kept covered so it will still be hot when it is time for them to eat.

Meal time at the nursing home will give you keen insight to how the home runs. If the meals are served efficiently, if the staff is friendly and helpful, these are all positive signs that you have found a great nursing home in Spokane.

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